Pete Keghlian

Did you ever hear the saying: 88 keys......10 fingers.......No Problem!

With Peter on keyboards there are limitless possibilities to what he can do.

Peter Keghlian is one of those inspired musicians where music is his passion, not just a job.

Although he is trained classically in piano, his motivation is Rock and Roll. He has a huge repertoire of music ranging from Bocelli to Springsteen and more.

Peter is an accomplished musician as a pianist, singer, and orchestrator. He has perfect pitch and can improvise to any piece of music. He is a natural in all aspects of music and is highly in demand. He captivates his audience by combining his unique range of vocal styles with his amazing keyboard skills.

Peter has performed nationally and has been seen throughout the stages of Atlantic City, PNC Arts Center, Philadelphia "Spectrum" and many more locations.

He is currently working on recording projects and enjoys working with the Motones band


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